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French Conversation Classes & Literature Club

The French Conversation Classes, held by Emilia Martinelli (DALF C2, Institut français de Naples), revolve around the collective reading and discussion of articles extracted from major French newspapers, concerning the most current issues of the international socio-cultural and socio-linguistic scenario, with particular attention paid to France and the French-speaking world.
Participation is free and open to students, graduate students, teachers, technical-administrative staff, secondary school teachers and all interested parties.
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French Literature Club
Using literature in teaching foreign languages
Foster motivation through authentic materials.  
CLA’s French Literature Club sessions are based on the “Exploitation pédagogique du texte littéraire et lecture littéraire en classe de FLE/FLS” methodology.
Literary texts are high-quality sources rich in linguistic and cultural input. They are authentic, real and alive; by critically analysing and rethinking literature, students are motivated to learn and achieve greater linguistic results.
The Federico II University Language Centre promotes this methodology and periodically organises courses open to students and all University personnel.