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Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
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studenti erasmus

To Erasmus incoming students

The first rule for safety is to be informed.

The International Relations Office of Federico II has prepared a web section dedicated to the ongoing emergency with all updates useful to ensure the safety of students, from travel information to rules for the containment of COVID19 contagion.
All the people of the university currently abroad or about to leave for any international mobility, are invited to register on the MAECI website managed by the Crisis Unit "Where we are in the world", clearly indicating the required data: names, city/country, destination university, updated contact details and period of stay. It is also appropriate that everyone downloads the Crisis Unit App to receive notifications during transits in the areas most at risk and real-time updates on any dangerous situations, wherever they occur in the world.


Italian self-learning courses

CLA provides Erasmus incoming students for the academic year2019/2020 with self-learning online Italian courses http://www.icon-lingua.it/ for levels A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Knowledge (CEFR). Free participation to thecourses is offered to students during registration at the international programme office.
The licence shall be valid for one year, but students arestrongly recommended taking the course before their arrival in Naples in order to prepare for the participation to the course in presence that will be held by CLA in via Partenope 36.
Courses will take advantage of the tutoring of Dr Annalisa Castellitti and Fabrizia Venuta.
For info send an email to fvenuta@unina.it