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To Erasmus incoming students

Welcome to Naples

European city of history, culture and art. City of the Mediterranean, the liquid continent that unites the peoples living on its banks. City of hospitality, solidarity and integration. City of dialogue and exchange between cultures and languages From Europe and the Mediterranean Welcome to the University of Naples, Founded in 1224 by Frederick II And today a centre of internationalisation, Scientific innovation And a new multicultural humanism, based on solidarity. The picture of a rainbow of languages hereby shown accurately represents the learning pathway offered by the University Language Centre to both incoming and outgoing Erasmus students: a variety of colours, languages and cultures to build and further develop exchange between peoples.

Pasquale Sabbatino
Cla Director
Translation by Alessio Mirarchi




News of 08th September


Italian language and culture courses for Incoming Erasmus students will start from 9th September. Please find below the division into classes based on the level of knowledge of the language that emerged from the placement test. For information on the calendar of lessons please consult the TIMETABLE annex corresponding to each level.




News of 05th August

Placement test for Erasmus incoming a.a. first semester 2021/22
On the 30th August 2021 the online test will be active on this website.
Please click on this link and take the test autonomously (the test won't be active before of the date specified). Students have to log in (name, surnameand personal mail address) and take the test held on Google modules. Students should take the test within Thursday the 2nd September 2021 at 2:00 PM
You can take the test only once. In case of technical problems, write to

News of 22th July

Italian language courses for foreign students of the University Federico II will start on the 6th September 2021.
The courses will take place online. Students should constantly check this website. In case of  problems, write to

Instructions: Erasmus incoming Italian courses

Placement test To allow the division into level’s groups, students will take an online placement test. On the 30th August a link to take the online test will be provided on this website. Students have to log in (name, surnameand personal mail address) and take the test held on Google modules.
Students should take the test within Thursday the 2nd September 2021, without any help or support since it is a placement test to provide you with the best learning experience according to the different levels. On this website the students will find the list about the division into level’s classes and the timetables of the courses.
Instructions: Erasmus incoming Italian courses   Erasmus incoming Italian courses will start online. It is strongly recommended for first semester stydents. Even though you are coming to Italy later on you can attend the online courses. There will be online lessons with the teacher as well as group activities and practice sessions. After attending the course you will take an exam. If you pass the exam you will be given 7CFU/ECTS as well as an attendance certificate with your language level according to the CEFR. To pass the exam you should score 18/30. Teachers will give you all the info to access the learning resources, books, online materials to study in order ti pass the exam.