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International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
What is IELTS?.
Exam Types.
Exam dates.
Exam fees.
How to enroll.
British Council IELTS resources.
Exam venue and convocation.


What is IELTS?


"IELTS", or International English Language Testing System, is a certificate that is suitable for those who would like to study or work in a country where English is the native language.It is officially recognized in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland,South Africa, New Zealand and the United States as exam for admission to universities.
IELTS is an evaluation of the level of knowledge of English shown by the candidate, and marks are given from 1 to 9 points. Each university sets a minimum number of points required to obtain admission or within a specific study programme.
Exams are administred by British Council.For any additional information please write 
The IELTS has a validity of two-years.


Exam Types


There are two versions of IELTS, according to the motivation for taking the exam:

Academic: this version is for those who would like to study at university in a  country where English is the native language. In the Reading and Writing sections candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of academic English.

General Training: this version is suitable for professional or immigration qualifications in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The exam is computer-based.


Exam fees


Exam fee is € 230 for students enrolled at/candidates recognized by the University Federico II.

Exam fee for potential external candidates  is € 242.


Exam dates

- 19th July 2023 (bookings: 7th June - 26th June 2023)

IELTS cancellation and refund policy

Candidates that you need to cancel an IELTS test are invitred to visit the IELTS cancellation and refund policy page to read all the necessary information.


How to enroll


Candidates have to read on the CLA website when to enroll.
Exam dates are followed by the period in which is possible to book for the exam by email (
The list of admitted candidates will be published on this site. There are six available places for session.
Candidates have to check if they have been admitted reading the list of candidates admitted on the base of emails receiving order.
Admitted candidates will receive the link to enroll, they have to confirm that they are going to take the exam by email.
Students attending the University of Naples Federico II or partner schools or institutions will receive a discount code and the link to enroll by e-mail.
Any external candidates admitted to the exam session by the certifying body, will receive an email of admission and can enroll on the IELTS website.


Exam venue and convocation

Exams take place at Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA - University Language Centre), located in via Mezzocannone 8, fourth floor (entrance also from via Paladino 39, second floor).

The candidates are convened at 8:45 for the AM session (starting time: 9:45) and at 12:30 for the PM session (starting time: 13:30).
During the registration, candidates choose at which time take the oral exam. Oral exams can be held on the same day of the written components or on another date.



The results are available 3 to 5 days after the exam date and will be sent directly to the candidate(expected delivery timing: 3 to 5 working days).
A Test Report Form will include all of the sections and the performance of the candidate for each section, from 9 points (Expertuser) to 1 point (Non user).
The average score of all four sections will be reported as the final score on the exam.


British Council IELTS resources


After registered for the exam, candidates may access the 30 hours online course "Road to IELTS" for free. It helps exercise the strategies to pass the test successfully.