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Validation of language certificates


Students in possession of an English language certificate obtained in the last 2 years from a certifying board recognized by the MIUR, have the opportunity to be exempted from following the English language course and from taking the related exam, upon request for validation of the certificate. For three-year degree courses, the level required for validation is B1. For master's degree courses, the level required for validation is B2.

To formalize the request, please email Dr. Ssa Loredana CAVALIERE indicating "Validation Request" in the subject. The appropriate request form (available below) accompanied by a valid identification document and a scan of the language certificate in object must be attached to the email. (It is recommended that the certificate be sent as a single attachment and not together with the request form file).

Please note that the verification of the transmitted data and their authenticity can take up to about 30 days, by the end of which, if there are no intermediate communications, the Language Center will send the resulting suitable documentation to the student secretariat of each department. For validation on Segrepass, students are invited to contact the secretariat of their department.