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Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II

Cinema, Drama and Literature. Summer courses of Italian Language and culture in Naples.

The Cinema, Drama and Literature Summer School  is an initiative promoted by the University Language Centre (CLA) and the Master’s in Drama and Screenwriting, whose aim is to teach Italian and promote Italian culture through the study of our rich cinema, drama and literary tradition. The Summer School is open to foreign students and PhD candidates of the University Federico II (including Erasmus incoming students) who wish to learn more about our national cultural heritage. This is the first summer school of Italian language and culture in Naples that is entirely dedicated to cinema, drama and literature. From this point of view, this city represents the ideal context for such an initiative. Over the last years, Naples has been the centre of attention thanks to the high level of its authors, screenplay writers and film directors, not to mention its potential and attractiveness as a film location. The activities of the summer school are organised and delivered by professors and experts of the different fields (language, literature, drama and cinema). The learning pathway aims to value and promote awareness of Italian culture through seminars and by encouraging active engagement of foreign students and PhD candidates in workshops.  

Vincenzo Caputo

Scientific Committee
Anna Masecchia, Matteo Palumbo, Peppe Barra, Maurizio de Giovanni, Francesco de Cristofaro.

The course is open to foreign students, PhD candidates and Erasmus incoming students of the University of Naples Federico II.

Available seats: 50.

Course Outline
The whole programme is comprised of 50 hours which include distance learning and autonomous study. At least 20 hours will be dedicated to face-to-face lessons.

Where and When: Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, Via Partenope, 36 – Naples, 3rd Floor. July. 

Cost: Free of charge for Federico II students

Attendance Certificate
Upon successful completion of the course, an attendance certificate will be released.

Further Info
Vincenzo Caputo (
Carmela Tufano 081- 2534596