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Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
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All resources available

We invite you to consult the pages of the website of the Roberto Pettorino University Center for Libraries, where it is possible to access lists and information regarding:
1. The databases, the packages of periodicals and the ebooks purchased by the university
2. The journals-finding with single electronic periodicals signed by the university and free ones
3. Open access resources (the open archive of fedOA, the institutional archive of the university, the series of Share books and the collection of free full access Share magazines)
4. The digital collections of the university
Only from the work stations inside the library and for all those with Unina accounts it is possible to access the wide range of electronic periodicals identifiable through the link "Findmagazines": by activating a search by categories and limiting it to the category "Arts and Human Sciences ", section "Language andLinguistics " the available electronic journals are displayed. Finally, there is a terminal in place to consult the online catalog, with the possibility of using WIFI and audiovisual documents. You can set up various search strategies, through a simple key word search of the title or author it is possible to retrieve the bibliographic information present and access any additional services, such as the reference to Google Books, a tool in which digitized parts of the volume may be present. The search in the University Catalog is free and available also from home. "


Disciplinary sectors:

Sector A - Italian Linguistics;
Sector B - Theory and practice of teaching Italian(Glottodidactics);
Sector C - Vocabularies and Grammars;
Sector D - Textbooks with exercises and texts for teachers;
Sector E - Professional languages ​​(specialist sectors);
Sector F - Italian as a foreign language (LS) and Italians abroad;
Sector G - Italian for certifications;
Sector H - Italian old and new media, internet;
Sector I - Italian and popular culture;
Sector L - Italian and immigration / emigration(multiculturalism - Interculture);
Sector M - Conference proceedings.

Finally, some magazines are available in paper form, on linguistics and didactics in teaching Italian.
To learn more, consult the appropriate web page.