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Erasmus activities - Outgoing 2022/2023

The University Language Centre, at the request of the Federico II International Relations Office, organises and offers exclusively to students who have been awarded an Erasmus grant:

  1. Intensive courses
  2. French language test
  3. English language test
  4. Spanish language test
  5. German language test

The tests are open to all students who believe they are well-prepared enough for the level certificate.
There will be one date per month for each language, starting from May 2012 until January 2012 (dates will be published on this page as they are defined).
For information about the tests, contact Mrs Carmela Tufano - tel. 081 25 34500


Intensive courses


During the summer period, from June to September 2022, French, Spanish and German language courses will be held exclusively for ERASMUS grant winners.
For further information please contact Dr Fabiana Pellegrino - tel. 081 25 35738


French course

Starts: 23/05/2022
Ends: 15/09/2022

To sign up: from 26/04 to 11/05/2022
Please reply to the Forum at : MICROSOFT-FORMS


Spanish course

Starts: 20/05/2022
Ends: 25/07/2022

To sign up: from 26/04 to 11/05/2022


German course

Starts: 20/05/2022
Ends: 29/07/2022

To sign up: from 26/04 to 11/05/2022


French language test


English language test


Spanish language test


German language test