CLA - Università di Napoli

Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II

Media Library

CLA set up the Media Library with the aim of supporting didactics and research in the field of modern language teaching. The MEDIA LIBRARY also contains a wide range of resources for language self-study

Audio cd

Audio CDs to improve comprehension and oral production; dictation practice, vocabulary enhancement.

Video cd

Video: a wide range of films on DVD enable students to learn about cultural aspects of the countries in their field language study,and to enhance vocabulary.

Multimedia cd

Multimedia courseware: wide choice of courses, both on CDs and on DVDs in English, Spanish, French and German to practise the four language skills through an integration of image, sound and written text..


The updated catalogue of the Media Library resources is available in CLA, Via Mezzocannone. Students of University Federico II can use the Media Library resources for self-access activities. To access Media Library, students must be enrolled at CLA andin possession of a University Federico II e-mail address. If required, click here toactivate application for University Federico II e-mail address