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Who may enrol for Cambridge English exams at the University Language Centre (CLA)?

As open Authorised Centre at CLA both internal and external candidates may enrol for Cambridge English exams

To have a general idea of your English language knowledge level, test your English at: .


It is not an official requirement, but it is strongly recommended that candidates follow a specific preparation course, offered by CLA or organized by other institutions.

Useful resources to prepare for Cambridge English exams


What happens on exam day and where exams take place?

For information on exams and courses aimed at  certifications consult the home page.
Almost all Cambridge English examinations at the  CLA take place in computer-based mode.
If the exam is paper-based, this is indicated right next to  the date in the exam calendar.

If you need specific support to take the exams, you must  notify us when you register for the exam, so that the CLA can provide the necessary support.

Exams take place at Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA - University Language Centre), located in via Mezzocannone 8, fourth floor (entrance also from via Paladino 39, second floor).

According to the current provisions for the Covid-19 pandemic, to access offices and take an exam, you will need to show the Green pass obtained after being vaccinated against Covid-19 (or a green pass released on the basis of a rapid or molecular antigenic test with negative result) and a valid indentity document .


Examinations for candidates with disabilities

Candidates with disabilities  who require additional aids or time to take the exam must notify the CLA at the  time of booking and in any case at least two months before the date of the exam. 



On 6 November 2015, the  University Language Centre was awarded a certificate of excellence. It is infact one of the seven Cambridge centres in the southern Mediterranean area  (which includes, among others, Italy, Greece, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia) which has obtained the highest possible evaluation in the last three inspections carried out by the  University of Cambrdge among its centres during the examinations. 

On 27 October 2017, the  University Language Centre obtained a certificate of excellence as the  Cambridge exam centre with the highest number of inspections, all passed with  the highest grade.



Each  certificate allows for the assessment of performance at three different levels  of linguistic competence, considering also two extra CEFR bands below and above the target level of the exam.

These are the indications  provided by the University of Cambridge for the assessment of performance in  each examination offered by Cambridge Assessment English:
"Candidates who achieve an 'A' grade for:
- Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) (and for Schools)
- Cambridge English: C1 Advanced (CAE)
- Cambridge English: B2 Business (Vantage and Business Higher)

or a 'Pass with Distinction' for:
- Cambridge English: A2 Key (KET)
- Cambridge English: B1 Preliminary (PET)
- Cambridge English: B1 Business (Preliminary)
will receive a certificate at the CEFR level above which the exam is mapped.

Likewise, grades achieving below the pass mark,yet still being of a sufficient standard of English to achieve the level below,will be awarded a certificate stating that level on the CEFR (...)

Possible certificate outcomes for Cambridge English: First (FCE):
Grade A: Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) certificate stating they  demonstrated ability at level C1
Grade B or C: Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) certificate
Level B1: A Cambridge English certificate stating that they demonstrated  ability at level B1

To clarify, if a candidate achieved an A grade, their certificate would be both  a C1 level qualification and an FCE certificate. It would not however be  equivalent to a CAE qualification. If a candidate achieved a B1 score, he or  she could state on their CV that they hold a Cambridge English certificate  stating that they demonstrated an English language ability at level B1 on the CEFR".


About one month after the exam date, a notice will be published on this website  to announce that originals of certificates can be collected at CLA, Via Mezzocannone 8.

Certificates can also be collected by a proxy. In order to designate this  person, the candidate will have to send an email to and stating the delegate's details.

If the candidate is under 18 years old and has separated/divorced parents, an authorization by the parent who is not collecting the certificate is needed and can be sent by e-mail to .




Exam dates calendar




Cambridge English: B1 Preliminary (PET)

- 5th June 2024 (Speaking: 10th or 11th June 2024. Prenotazioni: 16th April - 6th May 2024)

- 12 December 2024 (Speaking: 6th or 9th December 2024. Bookings: 25th October - 11th November 2024


Cambridge English: B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools)

- 10th May 2024 (Speaking: 8th or 9th May 2024. Bookings: only affiliated schools)

- 21st  November 2024 (TO BE CONFIRMED)


Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE)

- 9th April 2024 (Speaking: 10th April 2024)

- 28th May 2024 (Speaking: 27th or 29th May 2024. Bookings: 9th - 22nd April 2024)

- 13th December 2024 (Speaking: 10th or 11th December 2024. Bookings: 25th October - 11th November 2024)


Cambridge English: B2 First  for Schools (FCE for Schools)

- 23rd May 2024 (Speaking: 22nd or 24th May 2024. Bookings: only affiliated schools)

- 26th November 2024 (TO BE CONFIRMED)


Cambridge English: C1 Advanced (CAE):

- 4th June 2024 (Speaking: 6th or 7th June 2024. Bookings: 16th April - 6th May 2024)

- 29th November 2024 (Speaking: 27th or 28th November 2024. Bookings: 10th - 28th October 2024


Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency (CPE):

- 20th June 2024 (Speaking: 20th or 21st June 2024. Bookings: 8th - 22nd May 2024)

- 2nd December 2024 (Speaking: 2nd or 4th December 2024. Bookings: 10th - 28th October 2024)


How can I book a Cambridge English exam at CLA?

1) Wait for the booking and subsequent registration procedures starting notice on the noticeboard of this website (reservations starts at 8:00 a.m. of the first booking day).
2) Temporary enrollment procedure: send an e-mai, to .
Candidates  who has a or e-mail address, has to provide another e-mail address as and filter Cambridge Assessment e-mails as spam;
3) on the date indicated in the notice, the ranking lists will be published by order of booking (the number of places available is limited);
4) candidates included in the lists will be allowed to complete their registration by paying the examination fee via bank transfer and sending the scanned receipt by e-mail together with the undersigned two pages of the registration form and a copy of their identity document. Minors must have a parent fill in the form and attach a copy  of their document. Candidates have to state if they have attended in the last three years a course at CLA with: F. Cangero/ J. Crockett/ D. Lombardi/ L. Lupoli/ / LTG Malocco/ A. Mirarchi/ G. Palmitesta/ J. Parker/ D. Pickens/ G. Thomas. The documents must be sent  on the same day as the bank transfer;
5) one week before the  exam, candidates will receive a Confirmation of Entry (COE) by email from  Cambridge English confirming that they have been registered for the exam and  providing all logistics details (exam locations and times). Candidates should send an e-mail confirming receipt of the COE (certifications.cla


Exam fees (until 30th September 2023)


The underlisted exam fees for computer-based exams are VAT inclusive and apply to all exam candidates without any category distinction.

Paper-based exam fees differ for cb ones, therefore they will be defined on the demand.

In paying the tax fee  please specify: surname, first name, date of birth, "exam name + session (i.e.: PET March 2020)" at CLA Federico II".

A2 Key (KET) and A2 Key for Schools (KET for Schools): € 106

B1 Preliminary (PET) and B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools): € 113

B2 First (FCE) and B2 First for schools (FCE for Schools): € 181

C1 Advanced (CAE): € 195

C2 Proficiency (CPE): € 235

The payment of the  examination fee must be made via bank transfer from any bank, also via internet  banking, to the current account in the name of:
Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
IBAN: IT30Q0306903496100000300051