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The EULALIA project, coordinated by Pasquale Sabbatino and drawn up together with Prof. Vincenzo Caputo and Ing. Raffaele Di Fuccio, was funded as part of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership KA2 - Higher Education program. Based on data collected from EU reports, University Language Centres are key to teaching and learning the language of the country where students are housed. The EULALIA project aims to improve/integrate the learning methodologies of the Centres of European Countries (Italy, Spain, Poland, Malta) for Erasmus students through the development and provision of ...(read on)



PROMENADE is a word which has the same meaning in several languages: it designates, in French, English and Italian, a pleasurable stroll, and also - but not necessarily - the seafront of a coastal city (e.g. promenade des Anglais à Nice).
The PROMENADE project has, as its main objective, to conduct an ideal walk along the streets of Naples describing and, thus, enhancing its artistic-cultural heritage, which will be presented – in French and English – by ...(read on)