Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II

It offers its services to students enrolled at the Federiciano university as well as to doctoral students and trainees, full professors and researchers, T.A. and auxiliary. It ensures curricular and extra-curricular language teaching and issues the certifications of the acquired language skills; carries out support activities for the recognition of training credits and for the achievement of internationally recognized certifications; provides consulting, training, updating, translation and professional qualification services for the University's teaching and research structures as well as university and extra-university bodies and institutions. Finally, it develops and manages a field of study dedicated to the study of translation in its theoretical and practical aspects.


L'arcobaleno delle lingue is a multicultural periodical promoted by the University Language Centre as part of its communicative and educational digitisation activities for the development and dissemination of an inclusive culture. It is a non-profit editorial project; the contributions collected within it are freely granted by the individual authors.


What are the characteristic landmarks in a foreign student’s educational path? What feelings are evoked by the city of Naples when they see it for the first time? With the purpose of proposing innovative approaches to teaching Italian (L2) to foreign students, this report focuses on giving space to those very students at Federico II - the protagonists and co-constructors of the linguistic-cultural landscapes of this city.


Welcome to Naples. Our university language center is waiting for you to provide you with all the information on Italian language courses as well as all the activities for erasmus students. In the meantime, consult the web page dedicated to you with all the most recent notices.